What is the best knife for wood carving and whittling?

What is the best knife for wood carving and whittling?

For those who would like to start with wood working, you need a round pack and a set of gouges (chisels blade curve) of different widths – the 8, 13 and 25 mm are the best suited for beginners. You will also need a right chisel to open grooves, a flat chisel and a beveled (for the corners). Keep gouges and chisels and sharp while working because the blunt tools tend to slip.

Other tools you need are a rasp and files – tools in various ways to finish with finer teeth – for preliminary straightening: also need a saw to cut the excess wood and a single barrel or clip to hold in place the block carving . Alternatively, get a vise, allowing you to adjust the work piece position as you work. The best craft knife may be different for everyone though.

It also needs a set of coarse grit sandpaper sheets, medium, and fine linen to smooth the surface of the finished part and a product for varnishing.

How to choose the wood and the best craft knife

The mahogany and the wood of lime and some fruit trees are good woods for beginners; You can also use a shelf or a leg of an old mobile after you have taken the varnish or polish. Softwoods are difficult to cut accurately.

If you need to join sheets of wood to form a sufficiently thick block carving, use glue. Secure with a staple wooden blades while the glue is wet and dry from one day to the other.

Marking the design and carving with the best craft knife

Perform sketches from various angles of what you want to carve before actually wood working. Make a plan to the notch so that the thinner parts of the play remain to run the grain of the wood to strengthen it. Next, make a clay model or a model.

Make an outline of and down the back of the model, place both drafts against the wood and mark the contours with a pencil. Check the areas to cut the main parties to eliminate.

What is the best knife for wood carving and whittling?

You do not need to buy the most expensive materials to start wood working

Many people who would like to start wood working imagine that they will have to spend hundreds of dollars buying material and all the best craft knife. In fact none of this is really needed, after all if you are a beginner – which means you do not even know if you are going to like wood working – then you should not invest so much money in this. In fact you can get good materials for a little amount of cash. It is always a great idea to look for used materials.

The bottom line.

It is simply impossible to set the best items for someone to work with, especially when it comes to something to particular and sensitive such as wood working. Also visit this link:http://www.instructables.com/id/Wood-Whittling-101/ for more information. Are you ready to start and have fun with one of the nicest arts of the whole world?


Top 9 Tools of the Craft

Knowing what wood working tools to use when you are just starting out in the craft can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on what types of crafts you will be doing and projects you plan to undertake, the tools will differ slightly but there are a few general tools that will almost always be helpful in this trade. The following tools are the first you should buy when embarking on an adventure into carpentry or wood related crafts.


Top 7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

Top 7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

It is common knowledge that the number of accidents with machinery is still quite high especially when it is about Craft and hobby. In all sectors, such as industrial, construction, agricultural, joiner, etc; one of these sectors, the timber industry sewing,  presents many problems related to accidents, lack of proper training, lack of employee awareness, etc. In particular segments of carpentry and joinery, deserve close attention.

Craft and hobby – Wood Works

Carpentry is where the carpenter works. Its function is to run the various works in wood from furniture and tools to articles for construction, among others. It is a job that requires physical effort and is often performed outdoors. To be a good carpenter, you have best knowledge of tool if you have not enough know then go here http://schuttelumber.com/essential-power-tools-for-woodworking-projects/ to find more. it is necessary that the employee has notions of geometry and a broad knowledge of how to handle the wood in its natural state. (more…)

Chain Saw Sharpening-What Works Best For You

chainsawThe inevitable fact is that despite having numerous brands that have been have been reviewed to be the best, the best chainsaw is one that performs its tasks adequately therefore a good brand may not be of great help when blunt. There are many products to sharpen chain saws today but the bottom line is what works for one person may not necessarily work for the other.

Types of sharpeners

Commonly there are three types and they are the hand held common round file, the bench mounted manual sharpener and the electrical modern chainsaw sharpener. These sharpeners are sometimes bought separately with the chain saw or come as one package with the chainsaw. All in all the type of sharpener one uses is greatly determined by the type of chainsaw in question, results desired and personal preference.

Efficient chainsaw sharpener

There are basic functions that good chain saw sharpener should do , and these are; attend to the depth gauges which are responsible of how large the teeth bite into the wood and Sharpen the cutter teeth which play a major role in removing the that has been bitten off from the log. The traditional method of using a file, where one needs to file every tooth of the chain saw at an angle while trying to maintain the filing consistency is long and tedious unless one has mastered the art. This method is cheap compared to electrical sharpeners.

The new electric sharpeners come in different sizes for different chainsaws. In this the sharpening angle is determined by clamping the chain between guide bars, then the engine will spin the sharpening wheel consistently ensuring efficiency. The grinding angle is flexible and can be set to suit different chains. It also needs a sturdy bench when in use. This sharpener makes woodworking very swift especially for frequent cutters. It is good to say that it may be viewed as cost inefficient especially for those who do not use the chain saw frequently.

Chainsaw sharpener in relation to type of chainsaw

Your chain saw may be for commercial crafts of for wood working purposes. For all this the saw may over time accumulate foreign materials and before sharpening clean the chain and inspect for damages in order to repair it in good time. This way, your chain saw will serve you better for all crafts and hobby purposes. Note that sharpening saws at the correct angles gives your saw the best functionality. For this reason sharpener manufacturers will usually give information on how to go about this in relation to the length of saw teeth, pitch teeth design and gauge.

Finally, it is good to consider price of sharpener and running costs, the complexity to use it before you purchase one and the compatibility with your chain saw although most sharpeners are compatible with many saws. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear protective gear when sharpening saws that way, once the saw is well sharpened it will be your best chain saw.

Planning for Appliances in Your Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen or designing and building your own bespoke cabinets, you should think about the style, the type of wood and the other appliances that you need in your kitchen.

wasteking-l3300A great example of where you need to think and plan ahead is when looking at the sink area. Not only do you need to work on the worktop, normally using a table saw to cut the top to length and then a jigsaw to cut out the hole for the sink, but you need to plan where the water pipes and waste outlet enter the room so you can route the piping to your sink with the minimum of fuss.

As you design your cabinets, what goes on inside the units and the space available can also be important. For example, a typical appliance is a garbage disposal unit that fits in under the sink in inside the unit. Disposers are incredibly convenient and popular so you’ll find them fitted in millions of kitchens throughout the US and Canada. If you’re buying a new one for your remodeled kitchen or if you’re just installing a replacement, you’ll need to start looking for guides to help you research the best garbage disposal reviews to find the right model for your kitchen.

There are dozens of garbage disposals on the market, but there are also plenty of good independent guides and websites to help with reviews and buying advice. So, although it can be difficult to find a model and the best price, check out one of the independent guides that explain the features with reviews of Waste King and InSinkErator models. It’s also important to get the best deal for your money, so use a guide to some of the cheapest prices online.

There are a couple of leading brands in the market: InSinkErator and Waste King, both produce some of the most popular models but there are dozens of different versions and features. You’ll find yourself quickly trying to compare horsepower ratings, features and sizes. To help you with its feature grid, check out http://garbagedisposal-review.net .

So remember, plan the services and the appliance requirements as key elements of the planning process before you start cutting or shaping the wooden worktops or the designing or building your kitchen worktops!

Sewing machine

A Guide to Buying Your First (Or Next) Sewing Machine

Buying a new sewing machine can be tough, whether it’s your first or one hundredth.  Sometimes, you like the look of the endless features that one machine has but in reality, it’s not right for you.  However, when you look to buy a new sewing machine, it doesn’t need to be so complicated.  What is more, if you are looking to purchase your very first sewing machine, it can be very simple to find the new machine which is right for you.  So, how can you buy your first sewing machine?

Is This A Craft and Hobby or For Your Business?

First things first, you must know how you will use your machine.  Do you plan to use this occasionally for personal projects or do you plan to use the machine for some sort of clothing business?  It’s important to know what you will use the machine for and how often because ideally, a machine that is used once every few months doesn’t need to be that costly.  If it’s an occasional item you will use, you don’t need to spend lots on this because it you won’t get much value from this.  However, if you plan to use this almost every day or for some sort of business, it needs to be a professional, good quality machine.

What Type Of Sewing Do You Intend To Use The Machine For?

If you plan to use your new machine to mend clothing every once and awhile, you don’t need to look for any fancy machines.  However, if you are going to use this for double layer sewing or for making endless dresses or clothing items, you need the best sewing machine.  You don’t want a shoddy quality item especially if it’s for a business.  However, it is important to know the type of sewing you intend to use the machine for, and that way you don’t end up buying the wrong machine for you.

What Is Your Budget

An important factor to consider is the type of budget you are working with.  Now, if you don’t have much, say only a few hundred dollars, you should still be able to get a descent machine, however, if you’re looking for the best sewing machine, you need to be prepared to spend more.  You don’t need to spend thousands, but you do need to invest in quality to get quality.  Depending on the use of your machine, you might be happy to get a cheaper model which costs less than a few hundred dollars.  That could still be a good machine to purchase.

Look At the Features of the Sewing Machine

Next, you do need to consider at looking at the type of features the machine has to offer.  Sometimes, you don’t want a lot of fancy features but rather the standard features that you are happy with which is fine; however, you may want something different.  No matter what you’re looking for, it’s still very much important to consider what features are available with the machine.  You may want buttonhole features or triple stitch options, so it is wise to look at all features.

Get the Best for Your Cash

It will be very important to put a lot of thought and effort into looking closely at the type of machine you are purchasing.  Sometimes, the budget machine works out to be the better option for you, sometimes, the more expensive one is.  However, no matter what you choose, it’s best to ensure that you are getting good value for your money and that it’s really the best option for you and all of your sewing projects.

Two-speed cordless drill

Cordless drills

Cordless drills are in many categories and made by different companies. This makes them to have difference in preference and quality. When it comes to the category of 18 V cordless drills people usually find difficulty in selecting the best, which is much better and efficient in the execution of drilling its duties. So, what is the best 18V cordless drill? This question can only be answered after looking at what makes a particular cordless drill to be the best.

Current statistics have been able to list the Dewalt DCD760 KL as the best cordless drill. It has been offered such a spotlight after thorough measurement and comparison between it and other cordless drills. The following are some of the aspects that have enabled it to be the best and to be able to attain such recognition.

Battery power system.

When you hear of an 18V cordless drill, it simply means that it contains it contains n 18 voltage power battery system. The Dewalt DCD760 KL also has the same qualities, but the difference is that it takes a shorter time to charging, approximately 30 minutes while other 18V cordless drills may take longer. For any drill to cover such a rank of being the best then it must have the ability to save on energy. The Dewalt DCD760 KL has the ability of saving on the amount of electricity that is used, by accommodating fewer charging hours, hence saves the customer’s electric charges.check http://www.boschtools.com/Products/Tools/Pages/BoschProductCategory.aspx?catid=1084 for more product reviews.

Unblemished customer reviews.

For a product to enjoy any form of praise or stand a chance of being associated with the name best, it must first see to it that the buyer gets satisfied ,by taking control in the accomplishment of its duties and executing them effectively without additional, unplanned expenditure. This is what is mostly seen when you read about the Dewalt DCD760 KL, as it has received praised reviews with recommendations that surpass other 18V cordless drills.


Most 18 V cordless drills are sold out without warranties that can guarantee a buyer compensation if the product is found to be faulty or not up to the required standards. This has made many buyers to sun off many cordless drills, hence making their ratings to drop. However, the number one cordless driller still continues to conquer the market since, they give a 90 day grace period on which the warranty still stands.

Noise pollution.

Two-speed cordless drill

Cordless drills are very noisy; this factor has made many of them not to be acceptable among buyers. This is because they diminish privacy and uphold neighbor disturbance. This creates limitations to their usage because there are certain hours that the tool cannot be used. For example, during the night you cannot use it since the noise would be a nuisance to your sleeping neighbors. However, the Dewalt DCD760 KL has a minimal noise production than the rest of 18 voltage cordless drills. This gives it the upper hand.

These facts do not mean that the rest of the cordless drills are not efficient nor effective in carrying out their drilling duties. In fact they are and they can attain the standard of being the best, if their manufacturers are able to consider the above points.

Best Buy Guide

What is the Best Bosch Cordless Drill?

Cordless drills are very popular among drillers both in the beginner class and professional. There are different types of drills which are associated with their manufacturers and the model. For example, there are cordless drills of the class 36V, 18V and 12V, which are divided by model manufacturers of different companies. There is a uniquely and up to standard model called the Bosch cordless drill.

Bosch cordless drill are considered to be the best in the drilling business because of a number of quality factors that cannot be measured or competed upon by any other form of cordless drills. Among them there is in particular one that has been able to rise above any form of Bosch models; this is the Bosch 36618-02 drill. It belongs to the class of 18 volts cordless drills. Below are some of the reasons that make it the best cordless drill among many Bosch models.

Outstanding customer review record.

Most of the buyers who have bought the Bosch 36618-02 have left tremendous reviews, recommending it to many intentional buyers who wish to enjoy the services of the Bosch model cordless drills. Today, there is still a continuous unblemished record of the 18V Bosch model, hence giving it priority of being the best when compared to other models with the same similarities.see more prodcuts at http://www.boschtools.com/Products/Tools/Pages/ItemResults.aspx?catid=1338.

Durability and toughness.

The product itself is a tough one with the capability of breaking through any kind of solid material. For instance, it has the lever power of drilling through wood band that which can break through cement and stone. This gives it the advantage of being considered a caring tool since it does not enforce the same drilling power used in that on that of wood, since the wood might break and when looked on the vice versa end you get to find that it applies a hard toughness on stone. The product by itself is also made from pure steel which is capable of handling the tough nature experienced in the drilling business. This has given it the ability to serve the buyer for a longer period without him or her incurring extra costs.

Battery power.

The Bosch 36618-02, 18V model when compared to other models of the same caliber and functionality, there is usually a big difference when it comes to power. The product has a an option of inserting an extra battery which can enable a driller to work for more hours without the disruption of power outage, this is totally different when compared to other Bosch models which are frequently running low due to power loss.

Best Buy Guide

The battery is also, fitted with the state of the art lithium-ion battery technology coupled with ECP system, which guarantees optimal performance of tool and batteries.

Pretty Design.

There is nothing as jovial as working at your own comfort such as, being able to handle the product in a way that you are able to maneuver with it at ay angle. This is how the Bosch cordless drill has been built. It has a design that favors maneuverability and reduces fatigue. It also has a LED light that enables the user to be able to see through dark work stations.read more reviews in their latest comment.

Cordless drill

Cordless Drills: The Top Three

Cordless drills are known for their effective nature of smoothly making holes into concrete, stone, wood among other hard surfaces that are difficult to deal with by the use of tiresome and ineffective means like use of nail and hammer. Many professionals who are engaged in in building constructions and other related fields have resulted in seeking refuge by the use of cordless drills in order to reduce their workloads.

Which is the best cordless drill to use? This comes into question because according to product reviews related to cordless drills there are a number of people who have used a variety of drills, that proved not worthy for the job while others have been given recommendations. So, according to research of different products in the cordless drilling business, the ones that appear on top three are:-

 -DeWaltDcD780C2
 -Bosch DDS180-02
 -Hitachi DS14DL

The above are the top three cordless drill that would be recommended to any user, whether a beginner in drilling business or an expert. There are number of reasons why they feature in the top three best cordless drills. This is due to the fact that they have the certification of the following.

Quantity of power produced.

This should always be the first reason as to why recommendations should be awarded for any product not the cordless drills. When it comes to the execution of drilling through any kind of material, the above cordless drills make the final say. This is because they produce a great amount of power, which is very effective in quick accomplishment of work.

Comfort and durability.

When using a cordless drill, comfort when handling it should be present at all times, this is because they are bulky and tend to become tiresome after sometime. If the handling grip is not up to the expectation and standards little or no work is done. Also, durability is a big factor when it comes to purchasing a product. A buyer would always expect the purchase of a product that would give him or her service for a long period of time without submitting to wear and tear. The above placed products, especially the HitachiDS14DL have strong qualities of durable nature and comfort.go to the site http://www.hometoolspro.com/best-20v-cordless-drill/ for more detailed reviews.

Battery life and recharge time.

In order for a buyer to be satisfied with a cordless drill, there is usually the necessity of how long the battery of the product can keep the equipment going on so, that surety of more workload to be done is guaranteed. The named best cordless drills are known for their crafted mastery in LED batteries which ensure that there is prolonged work done. The batteries also, take the most minimum adequate time for them to be charged, this saves on electricity as well.

Cordless drill

Tool weight and noise pollution.

For a cordless drill to be considered a good bet the job, it should no be heavy to carry especially when holding them in awkward positions. In terms of noise production, they should not produce a lot of noise that can bother your neighbors.

These are the major reasons why the above mentioned cordless drillers have made it to the top as the most recommended products in the drilling business. They seem a bit cheap in real terms, but in reality they are well worth the additional cost in convenience and portability.

cordless hammer drill

What Is a Cordless Hammer Drill, And Where Do We Use It?

When it comes to choosing the best cordless harmer drill there is usually that distinct idea which settles in many intentional buyers. Mostly the questioned asked by many is what a cordless hammer drill is and how is it different from the normal cordless drills. Well there are many similarities and differences that will arise when comparing the two, but what is a cordless hammer drill?

A cordless hammer drill uniquely looks alike to the regular drill, but what makes it so special and different is its nature of work conduction. When you are using a cordless hammer drill it is exactly similar to a situation such as that of working with the drill and someone smacks the back of the drill with a hammer just to drive the bit further into the working point. The hammer hits are fast and furious that it ensures quality termination of the work load.

Advantages of the Cordless Hammer Drill.

The cordless hammer drill has immaculate features that come with it, although not all are uniquely featured to it, most of the features that are associated to it bring forth its effectiveness in execution of its work. Some of the benefits of a cordless hammer drill are:-check this out.

• Durability.

The cordless hammer drill is usually durable compare to other forms of drills. This is measured by the workload that it has to execute; hence companies that produce them usually add metal gears and an aluminum metal to ensure that the product is durable.

• Speed and power.

There is one of the top reasons why the cordless hammer drill is admired by many. It has sufficient power and execution speeds during the conduct of its work. This is so because, the cordless hammer drills are mostly situated with a patent 3 speed all metal transmission and uses high level LED batteries.

• Battery interchange and long usage time.

There is nothing as heartbreaking like battery getting low when doing a job which has deadline limitations. The cordless hammer drill has you covered, since it uses LED batteries of high quality to ensure that you are able to perform your work longer. They can also be interchanged with different batteries of the same type.

• Lever switch.

The cordless hammer drill contain lever switch which enables one to switch power in accordance with the material he or she is planning to work on. For example, when you want to work on wood switch to wood level and the same when you are working on a brick wall.visit http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/reviews/power-tools/cordless-hammer-drills-and-impact-drivers-comparison-test#slide-1 for more details.

Although the cordless harmer drill has a lot of beneficial aspects that revolve around it, there is also that point where it has its limitations to. For instance, the cordless hammer drill produces a lot of noise, hence privacy is limited and you might end up disturbing your neighbors. They are also much bulky than the common drills which make them tiresome to handle.

cordless hammer drill

Uses of the cordless hammer drill.

Hammer drills are used for fast conduction of drilling duties by the use of powerful bit system to punch in and out on the material that you likely want to work on such as, brick, wood etc.

What difference there’s between a cordless hammer drill and a cordless drill?

A cordless hammer tool uses a battery to bang an impact bit forward however it only rotates it a little clockwise and counter clock wise and then bang it forward again. It is optimum for making holes in concrete or brick. It is sort of like a star hand drill. The cordless drill on the other hand also uses battery, but it is magnificent in spinning clockwise and counterclockwise motions.